Kwoom is very different to other lenders. We believe in minimising costs and therefore the price that you have to pay. We're fully online so we don't have any shopfronts or call centres to pay for and this allows us to undercut the rest of the industry. Our staff look after you from start to finish - your personal customer service consultant will be available to answer any questions and you can either email them or request a callback at no extra charge. Traditionally cash advance or payday lenders have actively marketed to people on low incomes and the unemployed. It’s an unfortunate fact that there’s sometimes more money to be made in charging late fees and rolling over loans than in ethical lending. However the side-effect of this is that people who can legitimately afford to use short term finance end up paying more to do so. Essentially they end up subsidising lenders’ poor lending practices by paying more to make up for those customers who can’t (or won’t). This is the way things have been for as long as we can remember. But Kwoom was started with the express purpose of only lending to people who can comfortably afford to pay it off. Having worked in the finance industry for companies including banks, payday lenders & debt collection agencies we’ve seen first-hand the harmful effects of misdirected short-term finance. Whilst we may not make as much money by lending responsibly and having higher eligibility criteria than other companies, we passionately believe it’s the right way to operate. We have a loyal customer base who pay less because of it and they’re the reason we’re in business. Our customers range from people who just need money to go to a music festival to young people without the significant credit histories which are necessary for mainstream credit. They include people who’d rather not have the ongoing costs and hassle of credit cards to ordinary working folks who need a little help paying their bills from time to time. Whatever the circumstances, our low rates  finance an attractive alternative to higher cost forms of credit and we’re often cheaper than racking up late payment charges for bills. Being fully online is great for us (and you). Thanks to the internet there’s no need for physical proximity between us and our customers. People can compare the rates and services of lenders Australia-wide rather than just in their neighbourhood. We don’t have the rental and staff costs of bricks-and-mortar lenders or have to staff costly call centres, and we pass on the savings to you. When you are approved for a loan you’ll receive the mobile number of your own personal account manager who you can call if you have any questions. Alternatively you can just email us and we’ll get back to you within a few hours Responsible short term lending has a place. Many people have credit cards or borrow from friends and family but not everyone has this option. A lot of our customers are uni students without extensive credit histories or people who work in the cash economy and therefore can't produce the proof required by many large financial institutions. We’re sick and tired of the industry taking its customers for a ride and we’re on a mission to shake things up. If you feel the same way we’d love to have you on board. That's what we mean when we say that we're sending money, your way.
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