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Take your Dream Holiday Sooner March 5 2014 Have your days been dragging on?  Are you feeling more worn out then usual?  If so, then you are not alone.  In fact, it may be time for a holiday.  When planning a trip away from work, there is any number of things to do and places to see.  From lavish hotels to the private settings offered by parks and beautiful beaches, figuring out the logistics can be a challenge.  This is especially true if you are planning your dream holiday.  Lets take a quick look at some small things you can do like planning, financing, and personal loans.  With any luck you will be taking your dream holiday far sooner then you expected.   Begin Planning All great holidays begin with planning.  The firs thing you should do is set a time when you will start thinking about it.  If you plan to leave in 12 months, set a time at about nine months away to begin planning.  This will give you all the time you need to make reservations at the lowest prices while increasingly the likelihood of availability.  In addition, try to enjoy the process!  You may be spending money but remember that it’s towards a unique and excellent experience.  Make this holiday about what you really want to do.  Financing Calculate how much money your vacation will cost, as well as how long it will take you to raise the money you need.  Work towards funding your vacation account, adding small amounts of money over time.  In addition, decide on what your biggest expenses will be, and see if there is any way to lower the price.  If you are desperate for finance then there are two final options to consider.  The first is to sell of things that you no longer need.  Where as that pair of skis were useful a decade ago, they may now only be taking up space.  The second option is a fast cash or payday personal loan. Personal Loan People take out loans all the time, for a number of reasons.  These include uni expenses, buying a house, car, or even other forms of property.  When it comes to your dream holiday, the best way to make it sooner is through a personal loan.  Personal loans have relatively few guidelines.  As long as you are above the age of 18, have a steady income, and an open bank account, you can take out a loan.  If your dream holiday is just around the corner, then a personal loan may be exactly what you are looking for. Until then, good luck with your planning and we hope you’re sitting back and relaxing in no time! Credit Card Cash Advance or Payday Loan? February 7 2014 There are times when we encounter expenses that are not included in our  monthly budget. If you are not able to meet your short term expenses there are  a few types of loans or other financing solutions you can try. Most people are  confused as to which method of borrowing money they should use. Should they  opt for online cash advance or payday loan? Or would it be better to just opt for  putting it on the ol’ trusty credit card? Credit card cash advances are done with the use of your line of credit. The  amount of money you can get from this depends on your available credit card  limit and not so much your monthly salary. The only requirement is having been  previously approved for a credit card, nothing else. When you opt for the plastic  fantastic you won’t be expected to repay the amount once you have received  your next purchase. You will not be incurring any penalties or charges for any  late payments so long as you meet the monthly repayments.  What you need To Know about Payday Loans in Australia:  Payday loans are a type of unsecured loan. The amount of money that you can loan depends on your income and  payments need to be made on your next pay date. The biggest benefit is no doubt ease of use - the only things  that you need to do are send an income statement as well as certification or proof of employment. In this way,  the lender will be able to know how much they should loan you.   When you take a look at it, it is very easy to assume that a credit card cash advance is the best bet. However,  there are some cases when payday loans provide a better solution. For one, you will need to own a credit card in  order to avail of the online credit cash advance. In addition to that, using a credit card cash advance of course  increases the balance that you have on your credit card. What most people do not know is the fact that credit  bureaus take a look at this and match it to your available credit in order to know how close you are on maxing  out your credit cards. In the event that you are not able to repay the balance in the nearest term, your credit  rating will likely suffer. If you wish to avoid all these, then getting a quick and easy payday advance loan could be  a better way to go. In the event that you need the money right away, then an online cash advance can be even better since there is  no collateral needed, processed online and it has a fast approval process. Until next month, keep on Kwoomin’!  Keep More Cash In Your Pocket This Year January 3 2014 With the New Year here, all of us typically set some solid goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. Some of us plan on eating better or reading more often but most of us make a resolution to get our personal finances on track for the New Year.  This can be one of the easiest tasks to accomplish but many of us do not follow through and slip up by the time the flowers are blooming come springtime. This year make a resolution to stick to your goal to keep your personal finances in order. This may include taking a responsible look at receiving a cash loan or online payday advance. The best way in gaining financial independence this year is to create a budget for all items purchased with your paycheck. This includes groceries, clothes, rent/mortgage and other miscellaneous bills and expenses that occur. A great way to not over spend on groceries or clothes is by only bringing cash with you when you go shopping. Leave the credit card in the car so you only purchase what you can afford. Through creating a budget you will understand where every penny is being allocated to, so next month you know exactly how much you will need for each expense and know what is left over for play money. Sometimes though we have unexpected expenses such as vehicle problems or need to hire a handy man to replace the toilet, this typically results in being short on cash and need fast cash in order to cover the rest of the months bills. One of the best ways to receive cash quickly is through a small cash loan or an online payday advance. Both of these options can assist you in covering those unexpected expenses that seem to creep up on us when we are least expecting it. Typically a cash loan or an online payday advance can be a great back up if we treat them responsibly. This includes paying them back in time without having to deal with late fees and higher than expected interest rates. Holiday Loans When You need it December 7 2013 Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash During The Holidays While there are many ways to earn a few extra dollars for the holidays, sometimes it is more convenient to simply apply for short-term loans. Payday loans are an excellent way to access extra cash and finance your holiday shopping. Why not get the holiday shopping out of the way early this year and then repay this type of loan at a later time? It makes good sense in that it is easier to access these types cash advances then having to deal with the uncertainty of finding part time work. Filling Out A Very Straightforward Online Application Because the application process is so easy with regard to payday loans, it is hard to imagine not taking full advantage of what this type of loan product has to offer. By filling out a very straightforward online application, a borrower will typically get an answer regarding approval in a very short time. Having access to extra cash around the holidays can take away the stress associated with this busy time of year and add convenience to the entire shopping process. Taking Advantage Of The Latest Security Features A short-term loan is a great alternative to finding ways to make extra cash for the holidays. Simple, convenient and easy to apply for, these loans have grown in popularity in recent years thanks to fast processing and easy repayment. A payday loan is always safe and completely secure. Taking full advantage of the latest security features provides borrowers with piece of mind. Getting ready for the holidays just got a whole lot easier thanks to the financial freedom that payday loans make possible. Kwoom’s got Xmas Covered November 7 2013 It’s nearly Christmas time and there’s a long list of shopping to do. Presents, clothes, food, Christmas trees and decoration items, the list seems to go on forever and ever. And it should be this way, after all Christmas falls only once in a year and it is festival that symbolises benevolence and brotherly love. But all this does incur a great deal of financial strain. Hence often Christmas ends up being a festival of taking short term loans as well. It is very difficult to obtain online cash advances. The process is long and cumbersome and is often unreliable. Are you facing a similar situation? Then here is the perfect solution for you - Kwoom Fast Finance. Kwoom Fast Finance offers online cash advances without any hassles. This company makes online cash advances not only faster but also cheaper. You can get the online cash advances at the lowest rates possible. Payday loans and online cash advances of $100-$400 are easily available. The loan period is up to 30 days. The amazing bit is that you apply by 3pm and the cash is available the same night! Isn’t that great? Who provides such exclusive and prompt service? The unique aspect of these services is that they will help you save money. With rates so low, you can save a lot. This service is very fast. You can get cash in less than 24 hours. The application form that requires your personal details and employment details takes not more than five minutes to fill up. It is as easy and quick as that. The service team is available from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and 10am to 5pm on weekends in case you have any queries or complaints, which will rarely be the case. The simple pricing system is clear and transparent and you know what exactly you are paying for. There is a mobile app for the services and hence, you can receive the funds in your account with the help of the app in no time. This service is available all throughout the country. There is no paperwork and no faxing or printing or copying hassles. The rates are low and reasonable as compared to any other service provider. An online cash advance or payday loan of $100 will ask for a repayment of $120 after 16 days and $128 after 30 days. Similarly, an advance of $200 will require a repayment of $252, $300 – a repayment of $376 and $400, a repayment of $500. Isn’t that cheap? So friends, get longer shopping lists and have a fun-frolic Christmas without any hassles, without any tension. What better way to celebrate Christmas! Financial Lessons We Learned from Breaking Bad October 4 2013 Over the last weeks many of us were engrossed in the finale of Breaking Bad and it’ll likely be considered one of the most gripping shows in television history. Watching the characters amass and lose barrels of money has been instructive in many ways, and especially from a personal finance standpoint. Obviously Walter White made some questionable life choices and while we're probably never going to make a foray into making crystal meth, many of his choices can offer helpful lessons in money management for the average law-abiding citizen. This month we’re seeing what insights we can glean from old Heisenberg into preparing for disaster, personal investing tips and ideas for managing a cash windfall. Discuss Money With Your Spouse Walter thought he was best off hiding the truth from his wife, but he'd have been better off being honest with her from the start. According to a recent study, nearly 60% of people say they’ve hid cash from their partner. And that same report also established that in most cases spouses end up discovering out the truth regardless. Once Skyler knew where Walt’s money came from she was able to help him; but not before irreparable harm to their relationship. The lesson here is that hiding financial truths from your spouse can strain a relationship and cause you to make bad choices. A family's finances are always better off when everyone is aware of the situation. Make Your Money Work As Hard As You Do Since Walter got his wealth through illegitimate means, he had trouble investing it in the usual methods. hence why he kept most of his cash under the floor, in storage units and stuffed in barrels in the desert. But for the rest of us, it rarely makes sense to follow the ‘under the mattress’ saving strategy. Most term deposit accounts and managed funds will pay you decent interest and there are dozens of other safe options from shares to super, that will protect your initial investment and offer a return. Manage Your Risk Walter White's downfall was expedited by the fact that he didn’t quit when he was ahead. Instead he always managed to rationalise cooking crystal meth even when he had more money than he'd ever need. In short, he let his ego and pride get in the way of sensible thinking, and continued taking big risks when he didn't have to. It's a seductive thought to chase the big payday and go after the highest return on investments. But investments with the highest returns generally have the highest level of risk. The lesson here is that if you are ahead of the game in achieving your financial goals, consider taking a more conservative investment approach to protect what you have. Better Call Saul! Don’t be afraid to ask for help - when Walter needed to launder his drug money he called Saul. When he needed his enemies to disappear, he turned to Mike and his flunkeys. Without help there's a good chance Walt and Jesse wouldn’t have made it past the second season. It never hurts to consult with experts when you’re in over your head. If you’re ever confused by how to invest your money, find a good financial advisor. It's OK to get help. Bouncing back from a job loss September 5 2013 In a world where the only constant thing is change, it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected — like losing one’s job. However we’ve lost count of the people who tell us that when they receive that dreaded pink slip it comes as a massive shock they didn’t see coming, especially if they’re still on the road to becoming financially stable. The usual initial reaction may be shock and dismay, followed by this question: “What do I do now?” Hopefully, this article will help answer that somehow, and be a guide for the unemployed who need a few pointers about how to get back on track. Take some time to reflect After being let go from your job, try to take some time to think about the possible reasons why you were laid off. Ask yourself these questions: Was I making a meaningful contribution to the company? Was my performance up to scratch? Did I do something that violated company regulations? Did the company fall on hard times and did cutbacks really need to be made? After you’ve answered these questions, it may help to come up with some ideas that will help you at your next job. For example if you think it was your work performance that may have led to your losing your job, evaluate what you could have done to be a better employee. On the other hand, if you lost your job because the company where you used to work had to make cutbacks, try to look for job opportunities with companies that are faring well in today’s economy. This way you’ll at least have greater chances of having a stable job and less chance of losing it. Budget! After going through the action steps above it’s wise to have a grasp of how to manage your budget in your changed circumstances. First of all determine your spending priorities – what is really necessary and what can you live without. Make a list and find out which items are non-essentials, and cut them out from your budget. Next, rejig your budget. Look at your savings and emergency fund money — if you have these — and try to see how long they will last you. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to create a rainy day fund when you’re still gainfully employed. Before you dip into your emergency fund or savings, you will want to factor in any unemployment money that you will receive, plus other potential sources of income that you may get. Revise your budget as needed. If possible, take a look at the budget items you deemed necessary and find out ways to further minimize your spending. For example: Ask your telephone / Internet / electricity providers if you can change your service to an inexpensive plan or if they have a hardship department that may be able to help you. You might need to make some tough decisions and think about cutting out some services altogether. If you take nothing else away from this month’s blog, remember that making a few conscious choices ahead of time can provide a much-needed buffer when the proverbial hits the fan.   Negotiation: The Third Way August 6 2013 So much of personal finance is centred on saving more and spending less, this month we’re looking at a third way of positively affecting our financial health. The art of negotiation is a form of life-hacking which can be truly life-changing. By adopting and refining a few simple principles you can save thousands of dollars each year, in everything from rent to cars to household goods. Be prepared Never negotiate before doing your research. In order to get the best deal it's important to know what the market value is - is it a good deal to begin with? What have other items like it sold for recently? How is this one better or worse? What's my ideal price and what's my maximum price? Be polite Negotiating should be less of a battle and more of a dance. Take the time to strike up a rapport and find some common ground. Realise that both parties have an investment in the outcome and that a happy seller is as important as a happy buyer. Sellers who leave feeling like you drove a hard but fair deal will be more likely to ‘dance’ with you again. Don't make the first move If you're in a situation where the price of an item is not stated, let the seller toss out the first number. Whoever quotes this magic figure first takes the most risk in negotiation — is the price so outlandish that the seller has alienated the buyer or is it so low that he could have gotten twice that amount? If you can't avoid naming the first price, go for a fair, if slightly low-ball offer. Remember, you can always increase your offer, but decreasing it is like trying to unscramble an egg. Think outside the box Negotiating on price is the most obvious way to employ your skills but there are other things that can tip the deal in your direction. If the item is large and hard to move, ask the seller to include delivery. How about a few lessons on how to use that drum-kit if the seller isn’t keen on the $100 discount you were looking for? Or maybe that mobile phone store might include a free car charger and earphone to win your business. Be prepared to walk away Don’t get too attached and if all else fails be prepared to politely wrap things up and walk away. But walking away is the fiscal equivalent of going all in so don't overplay it or you’ll likely blow out a potential deal. More often than not, seeing a potential buyer heading toward the door will motivate most sellers to make a deal. It’s best to approach negotiation with a playful sense of fun - after all if you don’t ask the answer is always no. Till next month, happy Kwooming. 6 Smart Things to do with your Tax Return July 4 2012 For many of us the arrival of our tax return is closely followed by its rapid departure into an expensive TV, trip or no-expense spared shopping spree. By being judicious with some of your cash you can set your finances up for the year. Here are 8 ideas to get the most out of your refund this year. 1. Pay Down High Interest Debt Without a doubt this is the most important one. Whether it's 20% interest on a credit card or 9% interest on a car loan, there’s no safer way to get a higher return than the reduction in high interest debt even if you invested your refund in shares or your mate’s greyhound. 2. Build an Emergency Fund This idea runs a close second - even if you have some high interest debt if you have no emergency fund whatsoever then you need to start one right away. Any calamity ranging from job loss to a medical emergency could force you to ring up more high interest credit card debt, ruin your credit, or worse. An emergency fund is there to help you sleep better at night and weather the unexpected. Think of it as insurance and hope you never need it. 3. Start Investing Investing a few thousand dollars now is enough to make a massive difference to your life in a few decades. Also by thinking about your future now and deferring short-term pleasure for long-term gain you’ll start some great habits. By investing just a portion of every tax refund you greatly reduce the burden on your budget in retirement. If you're not already an experienced investor, consider focusing on a simple low-fee index mutual fund or just put it into your super fund. 4. Start a Small Business There are infinite ways to make money in your spare time and the internet makes it easier than at any other time in human history. The most obvious way is to market the skills you already possess in your day job; become a sole trader by knocking up a professional website in an afternoon and maybe one day you can stick it to the man and work for yourself. 5. Refinance Your Mortgage If you’ve got a mortgage this is the best way to turn a few thousand dollars into years of annual savings. Sure, more than likely by refinancing you’ll get sting with a few grand in closing fees but once you do the sums you could well be saving tens of thousands over the course of your mortgage. 6. Take the Chance to Do Things rather than buy things There's a lot more to life than making, saving and spending money. Sure, maybe it's high time you splurge and bought that iPad 2. But why not step outside your comfort zone and experience something new, travel overseas or learn something you’ve always wanted to but have been putting off.  The high you get with the acquisition of possessions generally degrades rapidly afterwards. By contrast life experiences are forever. Hopefully your creative juices are flowing and you’re inspired to do something substantive. Here in the office we’re living what we preach and after paying down some of our credit cards a bunch of us are going jetsetting around the globe next month. 5 Ways To Save on Bank Fees June 6 2013 These days there’s no way around the banks. All too often having a bank account means resigning ourselves to being slugged with any number of fees and charges but it doesn’t have to be that way. As we discover this month, if you’re diligent, plan ahead and give yourself a little financial buffer then you can end up saving hundreds every year in bank charges. Here’s our top tips for making sure your hard-earned stays in your account where it belongs. Make Everything Electronic By far the main reason most people get constantly hit with fees is because they try to manage their finances in their heads. It’s nigh on impossible to manage all the household bills, income, cash flow, budgeting and saving in such a haphazard way. Take the time to schedule your regular payments via online BPay pay them as soon as they come in. This minimises the chance that you’ll forget and incur late fees. Simplify Your Accounts Another gotcha is the sheer number of accounts most people have. If you have one account where every payment originates and if that account is also where your pay is going, then it's much easier to keep track of. If you want to be even more on top of your finances, try to use the same method to pay all your bills. If you like to use your credit card, then use it to pay all your bills. If you like using BPay then use that. You might lose out on some credit card rewards if some of your bills don't accept credit cards as a payment method and you have to switch everything to bill pay but if you can't keep track of your expenses, any benefits from those rewards are lost anyway Be Money Conscious Or to put it another way, know how much money you have and don't spend money you don't. No matter how much money you have (or want to keep in that account), you need to be aware of your balance when you make a withdrawal. It sounds obvious, but the only way someone gets charged an overdraft fee is if a withdrawal is made for money they don't have in the account. Many people actually get charged these fees not because they don't have enough money, but because they move too much to other accounts. If this is you, consider that the 1.5% interest you most likely get from that $1,000 in your savings account is only $15 a year, and after taxes, it is even less. Is it really worth the hassle? Avoid Monthly Fees Maybe we’re being overly cynical but at times it seems that the banks have so many different types of accounts to confuse us and make more money. If you’re still paying monthly fees for just having an account you can go to your branch and ask them for alternatives or ways to eliminate them. It might require a different account or getting your statement electronically. If you are told there is no way to eliminate your fees, just find another bank! Open an Online Savings Account You won't be reducing your fees with this one, but you are probably wasting too much money by having your money sitting in your traditional savings account. If you haven't looked into savings accounts that are available only online, you’re missing out on guaranteed higher interest rates. In case you forgot, it’s tax time next month. See you this time next month with our tips on how to get the most out all your hard work over 2012/13 and keep more cash where it belongs.
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