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Avoid Impulse Buying And Protect Your Credit September 6 2014 Your credit is something you should protect! Sometimes we find ourselves in a bad situation because we are not paying attention to our finance as we should. There are a few simple things that you can do so that your good credit will be there for when you really need it. Many people find themselves in a financial bind because they spend money that they do not have to spend when they are out and about shopping. If you wind up with a stack of stuff you are not sure why you bought and want to save some money you can learn how to control impulse shopping. Believe it or not many people report that they mostly impulse buy when they’re grocery shopping.  Sometimes those little extras can really add up.  If you find that you are taking loans just to cover the basics than you may want to take steps to control your spending. Make a List Avoiding impulse buying is easy when you make a list of the things that you need before you go shopping. Make a list and commit to sticking to the list. Having a written list that you have to stick to because you promised yourself you would can help you to get your spending under control. Shop After You Eat If you problems stem from grocery shopping and impulse buying EAT before you go AND take your list. Eating before you go to the grocery store can help you to buy only what is on the list. Make sure that you have a decent meal before you hit up the stores and you will reduce those “impulse buys” from the food aisles that can quickly add up in costs. Take Limited Amounts of Cash With You Leave the credit cards home! Don't take your debit card! Take out X amount of cash that you will use at the store and nothing more. Do not give yourself the opportunity to spend money that you really do not have to spend. If you take X amount of cash with you it is very hard to buy extras! Make a list, make sure you are full and take only the cash with you that you can afford to spend. All very easy steps to take to reduce the possibility that you will taint your budget with impulse buying.  You can help to make your finance picture a much better looking picture! How to Discuss Household Finances with Your Partner August 5 2014 There are times when ends just don't meet financially no matter how hard you try. Unexpected bills crop up and can easily get you behind on all your usual expenses. Discussing personal finance issues with your partner is a must. A lot of couples each have a partner playing a different role. One partner handles the finances and credit issues and one partner is pretty much ignorant to the credit and personal finance. If you are the partner that is saddled with handling the personal finance issues at home and you find that you are in trouble and it is time to maybe look at loans as a way out you will need to sit your partner down and have a frank discussion about household finances. The tips below can help the conversation go a bit smoother. Tip #1  - Lay it all out. Gather any receipts and bills that you have so that you can show in black and white where the money is going. Visuals always help when you are trying to explain a problem to someone. Having good records can help you avoid the “blame game” that some couples get into when finances start turning sour. Tip # 2 - People run into money problems all the time. It is not the end of the world. An open frank discussion with your partner can result in some solutions. Two heads looking at a problem is always better than one. Address the issue calmly and factually. It is a simple situation that can be addressed simply. You have a problem and you need to work together to find a solution. Tip # 3 - Discuss your credit and loans options and decide what is best together! There are always options even when there seems that all the options have been exhausted! Being frank with your partner about your financial issues can result in solutions. Bring your partner on board to review the credit and loans options that may be available and decide TOGETHER what is best. Tip # 4 - Personal finance is no longer personal when there are two people involved in a relationship. Each partner has to take responsibility for the household finances for the household to run smoothly. There is no time that is not the right time to talk to your partner about household finances. Don't wait have the conversation as soon as possible. Do not carry the burden on your own, chances are it will not turn out well. Add a Little Luxury to Your Life for Next to Nix July 3 2014 Just because you are on a strict budget does not mean that you can’t infuse a bit of luxury into your life and home. Cash advance loans can be used to get your hands on the fast cash that you need to add inexpensive luxury to your life. All you have to do is go online and apply for a cash advance in just a matter of minutes. Once you get the cash, you can begin the minor changes in your life that will add luxury easily. Dedicate Space To Your Passion Adding luxury to your life is all about spending your time doing things that you are passionate about. You can affordably make your home more luxurious by creating dedicated spaces for the things that you love most. This might be creating an office space for you to begin writing a novel or create a dedicated space of entertainment. No matter what you enjoy, creating dedicated spaces in your home will add luxury and may even make you home feel larger. Take That Trip Another affordable way to add luxury to your life is to getaway for a night or two. A short trip that allows you to explore a bit and open up the world around you can be just what you need. You don’t have to venture too far from home to feel more important and relaxed. A short trip to a close by getaway will have you feeling your best and add a small dose of luxury to your life. Bathroom Spa Why not transform your typical bathroom into your very own spa by adding a few luxurious bathroom fixtures? You spend every day getting ready in your bathroom, but renovating this space with new fixtures can change your bathroom into your very own spa. You can add towel warmers, new spa showerhead or amazing light fixtures for the perfect update to your bathroom. When you spend so much time in a space, you can add luxury to your life by simply giving your bathroom a much needed makeover. Adding luxury to your life does not have to be incredibly pricey. It is possible to get a small cash advance loan and use this money to transform the way that you live. Sometimes a small infusion of cash is all that’s standing in the way of a little luxury! Pay Less For Your Groceries June 6 2014 Believe it or not, grocery stores do whatever it takes to 'trick' you into buying products from them. I mean, have you ever walked into a grocery store and came out with twice as much things than what you were supposed to get? Practically everyone has! That's why you need to start being smart about grocery stores and stop paying too much cash for items you weren't going to buy in the first place! Tricks of the trade All grocery stores have their tricks of the trade. These tricks pretty much make you buy far more than you originally intended. Let's look at a few: Store layout – Key items, like milk and bread, are usually located toward the back of the store. Many grocery stores count on customers grabbing other items on the way to those particular sections. Smells – Ever smell the scent of baked goods wafting from the store's bakery? Stores count on customers to head over to the bakery and satisfy their sweet tooth. Giant carts – Carts are much larger than they used to be, and they're bigger simply because they let people buy more at once. That's probably why you feel more inclined to fill your cart every time you shop! Special displays – Many grocery stores, especially if there's a sale going on, group together certain foods. Snack foods like chips and dip usually get paired together for a reason, you know! Those aren't the only grocery store tricks out there, but they make up a large body of them. And, of course, ways exist for you to counter these tricks the next time you go for next big post-payday shop. Let's look at them: Stick to your grocery list. Make a menu plan, so you'll know what to buy. Bring a calculator, which will allow you to keep track of what you're spending as you shop. Shop alone. Bringing along others, especially children, may cause you to spend more. Avoid heading down aisles that don't have what you need. Consider bringing cash to the store. Sometimes, even if you do have loans, cash is the best way to help you save more. Always double check sales prices by looking at the unit price (usually in fine print on the item's shelf tag). Don't go shopping when you're hungry—you might be influenced to spend more! You can beat the grocery store's tricks of the trade. You just have to be careful and aware of how they present their products to you. That way, you don't have to worry about spending far more than you intended to spend. Simple Ways to Cut Your  Household Expenses May 8 2014 Payday loans can definitely help you out of a tight financial predicament. However, they’re not the kind of solution you should turn to every single time you’re low on cash. It’s true that a payday loan can help you in a serious time of need, but if you find yourself hanging on by a thread month after month, then maybe it’s time to look for ways to cut down on your household expenses. Some people will tell you that it just can’t be done in their specific situation. That might in fact be true, but if you’re someone who believes that, wouldn’t you like to know for certain? Believe it or not, but there ways you can save cash. Coming up with some possibilities that are worth exploring is easier than you might think. Implementing those ideas isn’t too terribly difficult either. Payday loans are great, but they shouldn’t be your one and only response to tough times. Instead of turning to payday loans every time you need some cash, consider these easy ways to cut down on your expenses. More likely than not, you’re going to see some improvements to how much you save each week or each month very quickly: Change your Foxtel subscription: How much are you spending on cable every month? Do you really need all those channels? Do you even need cable at all? Call off your gym membership: We’re not telling you to give up exercise, but considering how easy it is to develop an exercise plan that doesn’t involve paying membership dues every month, is this expense something you really need? Do you still have a home phone? If you do have a home phone number, and you’ve noticed that you’re spending virtually all of your phone time on your cell, then why bother paying for the home line every month? Start making meals at home: We understand that this is easier said than done with certain hectic schedules, but if you’re the kind of person who goes out or orders in for dinner frequently, and if you’re someone who eats out most lunch breaks, it might be time to make some substantial changes in those regards. There are tons of simple, affordable recipe ideas out there. Stop wasting your money on premium unleaded: studies show you just don’t need it. These are just a few of the ways to save cash everyday with minimal fuss. Get Debt Free Faster April 3 2014 A personal loan or cash advance can be great idea to help you meet immediate financial demands. However, they can (and will) leave you in debt. If you find yourself taking out a number of personal loans, or more than one cash advance, you may find yourself in even more debt. This month we’re giving you some personal finance tips on how to pay off your debts faster. You have nothing to lose by following our tips but the debt itself! Pay More than the Required Payment Sure, you may feel that your finances are taxed at the end of the month. But paying as much as you can on personal loans or a cash advance, not just the required amount, can help you to pay them off faster. It can also help you to save! When you pay off personal loans, for example, you may save money in interest. Before starting this tactic, see if there may be any penalties for paying off your loan sooner. With some personal loans, this may be the case. With a cash advance, it is often not the case. Start Saving and Budgeting You don’t have to be coupon crazy or a Scrooge to save money. All it takes is a great budget. Start budgeting by figuring how much you pay each month in bills, for entertainment, food, toiletries, clothes, etc. Then, think about where you could cut back. Use the money that you save to go toward savings, or to make larger payments on your personal loans or a cash advance. Revisit your budget every few months and revise it. This can help you to stay on top of your financial situation. It can also help you to achieve your goals, pay off debts, and more. Look for Extra Income Get your finances in shape by earning a bit of money on the side. Think about things you love to do, or do on a regular basis. Can you turn that into a side job? Examples may be freelance writing, childcare, sewing, crafts, housekeeping, or even cooking. Use your extra money to start paying back your personal loans or a cash advance as soon as possible. You might be surprised at just how far a bit of extra income each month can truly go. Be sure to figure this amount into your monthly budget. Click here to see previous blog entries
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