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Five ways to save on your next short term loan May 1 2015 The short term loan, often known as a cash advance or payday loan, is the type used by millions of people around the world to solve unexpected payments such as a car repair, medical expense or perhaps an unexpectedly high utility bill. For those who do not have the money in their checking or savings account to cover such as expense, a short term loan offers a seemingly perfect answer. This is why you need an emergency fund… April 3 2015 Arguably the most important reason you need to gain control of your finances is so that you are prepared when a financial emergency strikes. When you consider just how many people take out a loan or cash advance because they do not have the funds to cover an unexpected payment such as a car repair, medical payment or a utility bill that was far higher than normal, it can really pay to have an emergency fund built up just for those needs. Discover How to Consolidate Debts & Save Money March 6 2015 When it comes to your financial situation, it may seem that trying to achieve your goals is a bit overwhelming. Even if you are only facing a modest amount of debt, finding ways to climb out and put money back for savings can seem difficult if you try to tackle all at once. However, you can certainly pay off loans and credit cards and finance new projects while putting money back all at the same time with a little planning. An Insider’s Guide To Getting A Short-term Loan February 5 2015 When it comes to taking out short term loans, the process of finding the right company that offers the best deal is really no different than shopping for any other type of product or service. Lenders are the same as any other business in that some are really good at what they do, most are adequate and there will be a few you want to avoid. The Payday Loan Industry in Australia: What you should know January 6 2015 When it comes to payday loans in Australia, it seems that they may be more popular than ever in terms of helping people get the money they need for an emergency or unexpected payment that must be made before their next payday. It was not all that long ago when a person who owed money had nowhere else to turn but friends and family. Today, payday loans offer a better alternative. Using Online Cash Advance Loans Responsibly December 8 2014 You may have noticed in your community the rise of cash advance loan businesses which have been one of the fastest growing industries in recent years. There are several reasons as to why this type of lending practice has risen so quickly in the past two to three decades which include looser regulations on the lending industry and a growing need for people to cover expenses with short term loans. Three Tips to Pay Off Debt Faster November 5 2014 Who among us isn’t wanting to get out of debt? Debt can be a real burden, especially for those of us with children or others to care for. In these hard times for both personal finance and the economy at large, getting out of debt and having a good credit score are a must. In this article we will tell you three simple tips that can help you to get out of debt faster. You can get out of debt and build your credit too with just a bit of planning. Simple Tips To Get Your Loans Approved October 8 2014 Due to the economic troubles seen across parts of the country, depending on your location it has never been more challenging to be approved for a loan.  Where as those providing loans have become more conservative regarding who they give money to, the need for loans has only increased over time.  Being approved for a loan nowadays requires having a plan. Avoid Impulse Buying And Protect Your Credit September 6 2014 Your credit is something you should protect! Sometimes we find ourselves in a bad situation because we are not paying attention to our finance as we should. There are a few simple things that you can do so that your good credit will be there for when you really need it. How to Discuss Household Finances with Your Partner August 5 2014 There are times when ends just don't meet financially no matter how hard you try. Unexpected bills crop up and can easily get you behind on all your usual expenses. Click here to see previous blog entries
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